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Safe Medical Setting

It cannot be denied that the use of ibogaine as a form of medicine is not without its risks, and for this reason, we offer a safe medical setting. Statistics have shown that there have been a significant number of ibogaine-related deaths in recent years, with a mortality rate of one death per 427 treatment episodes. However, it is important to note that ibogaine has a lower mortality rate compared to methadone, which has a rate of one death per 364 treatment episodes.


It is imperative to note that all recorded ibogaine-related deaths were preventable, and happened mostly because appropriate safety protocols were not in place. At Ibogaine Treatment UK, (a subsidiary of Tabula Rasa Retreat™), we take a different approach to other ibogaine clinics. Our medical team, led by a physician, closely oversees the entire treatment process and we maintain a one nurse to one patient ratio to ensure maximum safety. 

In compliance with our safe medical setting, you will be asked to take a complete medical history and conduct a full set of lab tests, including a full blood panel, liver function, ECG/EKG, etc. Additionally, we continuously monitor our patients with an EKG machine during treatment and all our medical team are ACLS certified by the American Heart Association. 


Our primary focus is to guarantee the safety of our patients, and we take the necessary measures to ensure that our protocols are upheld to the highest standard, and this is something we never compromise on.  


In our opinion, there is little point in offering a radical, life-changing treatment for addiction and mental health without ensuring that our clients have complete trust in our approach. It is in light of this that we invite you to entrust us with your care.