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Psycho Spiritual Programmes

Psycho Spiritual Programmes

Many visit Tabula Rasa Retreat to seek help with addiction problems and related health issues. There are also some who come to undergo a life-affirming psycho-spiritual experience.

Ibogaine opens pathways and brings insights into one’s inner being. There is a clarity that brings nature closer, makes dreams seem real and offers a sense of greater purpose in life.

An Ibogaine journey may intimidate some while exciting others. Whatever your approach, at Tabula Rasa Retreat our providers, alongside a fully qualified medical team are there to guarantee care and support at every stage. This is a powerful treatment. To ensure you are fully prepared they provide detailed information of the complete process and open a continual dialogue about all aspects of the effects you will experience. The team is keen to answer your questions at any point.

As a therapeutic session the treatment can be enlightening. As a transformational experience it can be enjoyable. People have many different reasons for taking a spiritual path through Ibogaine. Whatever it is you hope to take away from this journey, we want you to experience it in a safe, comforting environment. Our dedicated team will see you through the 72 hour integration stage that follows the treatment.