Reasons for seeking ibogaine treatment abroad

Some effective treatments might not be available in your country and/or are not professionally performed

Our ibogaine clinic employs experts (narcologists, anesthesiologists, psychiatrist, psychologists etc.) with decades of experience in addiction treatment. With their knowledge and modern medical equipment, they will monitor patient’s condition every step of the way. It is important to get quality ibogaine treatment and treat your addiction successfully.

  • Environment contributing addiction – You surroundings may fuel your drug addiction. When you travel to another country, another culture, another environment, you can break these connections and old way of thinking about bad habits and approach your treatment with a clear mind. (Of course, if you need your family and/or your real friends for support, they are welcome to stay at our hospital)
  • Travel experience – The travel itself can become sort of spiritual journey. Your decisiveness to “go a long way” to get rid of your addiction can cement your motivation for successful treatment.
  • Commitment – When you decide to travel for your treatment, level of commitment to fight of relaps becomes even higher.
  • Friendly atmosphere – Our patients always emphasize pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff at the Clinic. They stay in touch with us long after their successful treatment. You will find that this is a nice city, you might even decide to stick around after your therapy, or come back as an (addiction free) tourist.

We Use Only Medical Ibogaine. Lab tested Ibogaine HCL in strictly controled hospital environment. Only a medical expert can calculate an exact safe dosage of ibogaine HCL needed for the treatment.

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