Ibogaine in opiate addiction therapy

Ibogaine therapy completely eliminates withdrawal symptoms from opiates. It also gets rid of cravings for opiates, cocaine, methamphetamine, and alcohol.

Experiments on rats in the early 90’s, by Dr. Stanley Glick, showed that after taking ibogaine, rats that were hooked on morphine, willingly stopped taking it. Encouraged by the results of this research, Lots of and neuroscientist Deborah Mash started their work together and attained full FDA approval to research ibogaine potential in humans.Human trials require large scale financing which would usually be granted by the large pharmaceutical companies, but drugs like ibogaine do not have much profit potential, because it is a naturally occurring substance.Lack of success to obtain funding, impelled Mash to open a private clinical research center in the Caribbean where she used ibogaine to detox 300 addicts and had roughly a 70% success rate.

Ibogaine history

Humans have probably consumed plants for healing and spiritual development as long as we existed. Observing animals use them for treating their injuries or aches was probably how we learned about medicinal use of herbs. We learned in time, that some of these plants can alter the state of one’s consciousness and can be used in spiritual practice. Tabernantheiboga (or just iboga) is one of those plants that has been used in spiritual practice of Pigmey people, and later adopted by the Bwiti (Gabon, Cameroon). It is a rainforest shrub, native to Central Africa (mostly the western parts), green leafed with orange fruits, but the most interesting part of the herb is its yellow root-bark which contains ibogaine in the high concentration.Iboga root has been used in massive doses for centuries in ceremonies and rituals for spiritual healing and development, and rite of passage in tribal initiations. In smaller doses, it was used for efficiently sharpening the senses while hunting. Even the African colonizersen couraged the use of ibogaine by laborers in 1920’s railway construction for it sstimulating and fatigue delay effect.

We Use Only Medical Ibogaine. Lab tested Ibogaine HCL in strictly controled hospital environment. Only a medical expert can calculate an exact safe dosage of ibogaine HCL needed for the treatment.

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