Ibogaine treatment for spiritual healing

Ibogaine treatment lasts five days. Spiritual Emotional and Physical Healing



Diagnostic procedures (ECG, physical exemination, blood tests)


Preparation and mental map

Preparation for seance (BP stabilization, arrhythmia prophylactics) and creating mental map


Ibogaine therapy

Therapy with ibogaine hydrochloride (HCL) with constant cardiac monitoring, performedby a team of specialists. The effects of Ibogaine start within 45 minutes after administering. The active process of Ibogaine treatment lasts from 12 to 24 hours. Vivid visualizations are the main feature of Ibogaine therapy which last up to 6 hours.


Evaluation of results in psychotherapy

During that time we actively work with our patients to use that time to analyze the conditions and causes which underlie their drug addiction and help them to find the ways out


Recommendations and transfer

Recommendations and instructions concerning pharmacotherapy to use after the dismissal from the clinic. Transfer from clinic to the airport (and vice versa) is also included in the ibogaine treatment cost.

If you have psychological pain, or you are spiritual seeker

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Ibogaine’s effectiveness

Ibogaine has helped many people overcome depression. bookPsychedelics like ibogaine help people go deeply into their psyche and deal with repressed pain and trauma. People often report going into their deepest fears, confronting these fears, and gaining real freedom after their session. Ibogaine has helped many people deal with depression, anxiety, addiction to shopping, sex, and food, and many other problems. Ibogaine’s effectiveness in emotional therapy is related to its spiritual power. By taking people deeper into Being, ibogaine allows them to confront their demons. This happens because nothing can harm Being itself, and frightening thoughts and emotions lose their power when a person is more identified with Being. This explains why many people report having visions of terrible things on ibogaine while simultaneously feeling peaceful and calm. Ibogaine has helped many people overcome depression. An amazing psychiatrist, James Gordon, once wrote, “Depression is not a disease…It is a sign that our lives are out of balance. It is a wake-up call.”
Ibogaine can temporarily shatter the ego and give someone a glimpse of Being (otherwise known as God, the Tao, Nirvana, Spirit, etc) bookMany people have taken ibogaine because they felt stuck in their spiritual practice. Ibogaine can be helpful in getting unstuck. Powerful psychedelics can temporarily shatter the ego and give someone a glimpse of Being (otherwise known as God, the Tao, Nirvana, Spirit, etc). Being is confusing for many spiritual aspirants because it is not a “thing”; it is the context within which all things arise. This means that it cannot be experienced, because all experiences occur within Being. Since Being is so obvious, most spiritual practitioners overlook it because they are too busy seeking. Ibogaine can temporarily shatter the mind’s capacity to seek, forcing you to look at what is already present. It is there, in the last place you look, that you finally get a taste of unity with Being. This taste may last only a few moments, or it may last many months, but its effect is powerful. Once you truly know that freedom from ego is possible, the spiritual practice progresses much faster
ibogaine helps with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, infertility… bookMany people in Gabon take iboga for all manner of physical problems, especially infertility. I think this provides evidence that ibogaine helps, although we cannot know how much. There is a lot of good evidence that ibogaine helps with chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Many people with chronic pain report an absence or major reduction in pain after a treatment, even when they took ibogaine for another issue. It is also possible that ibogaine only helps with certain types of pain. For example, I interviewed two women who had chronic pain after a car accident. One reported a significant reduction in pain for up to a year after her session. The other person said that her physical pain did not lessen, but her emotional capacity to accept the pain increased, making her life much better. There is one report of ibogaine helping a woman with severe multiple sclerosis (MS). Before her session, her MS was so advanced that she could barely swallow water, she could not feel her feet, she needed a catheter to urinate, and sometimes she could barely walk. After her session, which she took for opiate addiction, she discovered that her symptoms were in total remission.

We use only Medical Ibogaine.

Lab tested Ibogaine HCL in strictly controled hospital environment.


Medical Ibogaine

  • We use only medical grade - lab tested Ibogaine HCL in strictly controled hospital environment.
  • Patient's vital signs are constantly monitored by our doctors throughout the treatment.
  • Our experts will carefully calculate the right dose for each patient based on his medical history and general health condition to maximize the therapeutic effect and minimize any unpleasent side-effect.

At our clinic, doctors and nurses are available to patients 24 hours a day and seven days a week. All doctors are certified anesthesiologists, psychiatrists and psychologists with 10-25 years of experience. The clinic employs more than 60 people.

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