Ibogaine clinic is government licenced and internationaly certified MEDICAL FACILITY for addiction treatment, unlike any other Ibogaine therapy place in Europe. Our Opiate Addiction treatment programs meet the highest international standards of modern addiction medicine. Nothing is left to chance. Medical care is provided by doctors and nurses on 24hour duty 7 days a week.

We formulate recovery program individually for each patient based on their age, sex, health conditions and history of addiction, and closely monitor their progress.We are specialized in ibogaine treatment, but our therapy does not stop there.

Our drug abuse and addiction treatment program has been successful in the field of addiction medicine for more than 16 years. We have experience of successful recovery from all kind of addiction with thousands of people from all over the world. Our clinic is firmly committed to principles of treatment that allowed it to reach the highest rate of success and obtain the position of one of the best drug addiction rehab in the world.

Medical team at Dr Vorobiev ibogaine clinic treats both physical & psychological dependence with a revolutionary aproach and high success rate . To beat the addiction we use unique treatment methods of N.V.Vorobiev which influence the whole brain and not just it’s separate parts. We formulate recovery program individually for each patient

Thanks to these methods we can eliminate negative experience from the past, sensation of pleasure connected with narcotics. Instead, while thinking about drugs, the patient has a feeling of fear, disgust. Self-preservation instinct lost during the period of addiction is being renewed.

We Use Only Medical Ibogaine. Lab tested Ibogaine HCL in strictly controled hospital environment. Only a medical expert can calculate an exact safe dosage of ibogaine HCL needed for the treatment.

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