Phase One of an Ibogaine experience

Phase One of your experiences begins with your first dose and ends about a day and half later. This Phase is called your Ibogaine Session. You are given a tiny dose of ibogaine to test your reaction to it, usually when you begin experiencing withdrawal symptoms. If your reaction is fine, you are given a “flood dose.” This large quantity of ibogaine eliminates your withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

People usually report two things that are worth pointing out. They say it is the most intense experience they have ever had, and they report having “visuals” of past experiences. (Visuals are like movies that play in your head, even when your vision is normal. This is different from a hallucination, which alters your vision.) The visual aspect of an ibogaine session is often crucial to overcoming addiction. People often relive traumatic events from their past, particularly their childhood. They see how these traumas contribute to their current addiction, and they are often able to resolve the pain of the trauma. People often report a sense of peace and detachment even as they relive some of the scariest moments of their lives.

Phase two of an Ibogaine experience

In phase two you will be closer to your normal state of functioning. Your senses will work properly, you will be able to use your body, and you will feel more in control of your thoughts. Emotionally, you will be on a roller coaster ride. You will feel like a sensitive newborn. You may cry a lot and experience waves of fear and sadness. You may also experience joy as you release repressed negative emotions. You will, at least to some extent, have to confront the contents of your mind. On the plus side, you notice that your cravings are gone, perhaps for the first time in decades.

Phase three of an Ibogaine experience

Phase Three lasts for about three months. This phase is called Temporary Freedom. You enter this phase suddenly. In almost all cases, people fall asleep at the end of the phase two feeling terrible, and wake up feeling fantastic. When you enter Phase Three, you are free of cravings, your mind is sharp, and your emotions are stable. You have a lot of physical energy, although this may take a while to come on. Many people are exhausted for a few weeks after their session, especially stimulant addicts. You need to take the joy and energy that you received and use them to prepare for a new life. If you use this phase well, you will be able to resist your cravings when they return in Phase Four. If you squander this phase, you may end up right back where you started. During this phase, you should contact a therapist; it is not necessary for the therapist to have experience counseling ex-addicts. More importantly, the therapist should be someone who you truly respect.

Phase four of an Ibogaine experience

Phase Four, called the Return to Earth, can begin gradually or abruptly. You may notice that your old emotional triggers are slowly resurfacing.

We Use Only Medical Ibogaine. Lab tested Ibogaine HCL in strictly controled hospital environment. Only a medical expert can calculate an exact safe dosage of ibogaine HCL needed for the treatment.

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