Psychedelics like ibogaine help people go deeply into their psyche and deal with repressed pain and trauma. People often report going into their deepest fears, confronting these fears, and gaining real freedom after their session. Ibogaine has helped many people deal with depression, anxiety, addiction to shopping, sex, and food, and many other problems. Ibogaine’s effectiveness in emotional therapy is related to its spiritual power. By taking people deeper into Being, ibogaine allows them to confront their demons. This happens because nothing can harm Being itself, and frightening thoughts and emotions lose their power when a person is more identified with Being. This explains why many people report having visions of terrible things on ibogaine while simultaneously feeling peaceful and calm. Ibogaine has helped many people overcome depression. An amazing psychiatrist, James Gordon, once wrote, “Depression is not a disease…It is a sign that our lives are out of balance. It is a wake-up call.”

We Use Only Medical Ibogaine. Lab tested Ibogaine HCL in strictly controled hospital environment. Only a medical expert can calculate an exact safe dosage of ibogaine HCL needed for the treatment.

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