Iboga house Dr Vorobiev staff

Our staff is exceptionaly trained and highly experienced (average of 15 years of experience in addiction treatment). We are constantly improving our knowledge by attending and actively participating in medical conferences and exchange our expiriences with other addiction experts in Dr Vorobiev network of addiction centers on a daily basis.


vorobievProfessor Dr. Nikolai Vasiliević Vorobiev is an authority in the field of addiction treatment and a member of the State Council of the Russian Federation for the Prevention of Drug Abuse. He is a founder of Dr Vorobiev network of addiction treatment centers (Russia, Europe, Asia, S. America).

His proffesional career Dr. Vorobiev began as a military doctor. He graduated from the Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg. After graduating from the Academy, he worked in psychiatric, toxicological centers, engaged in scientific research. In an effort to improve the effectiveness of the treatment at the end of the 90s he actively visited leading clinics for the treatment of drug addiction in America, Europe and Asia. He regulary visits and participates in medical conferences along with his employes. To this day Nikolai Vorobiev is helping in everyday practical work by participating in the treatment of severe patients.



Dr. Igor Boljbuh –  since 2007 administrator of the clinic in Belgrade. He is an expert in the field of emergency medicine, anesthesiology, and specialized in psychiatry and narcology. Works at the clinic since 2001.







Dr. Alexei Jelistratov is a specialist in emergency medicine, toxicology and chronic pain management. Has years of experience in treating patients with severe accompanying diseases, eliminating abstinence syndrome, treatment of chronic pain, regional anesthesia, placement of central venous catheters, placement of implants, treatments with Xenon gas,implementation of extracorporeal detoxification methods, quantum therapy.




Dr. Yekaterina Tiurina is a psychiatrist, an expert in the treatment of addiction, clinical pharmacologist. Conducted a clinical trial according to GCP (good clinical practice), evidence based medicine, rational pharmacotherapy in the treatment of mental  disorders. Coordinates the work of psychological diagnosis, detection of mental disorders and their correction, in order to control the course of outpatient treatment.



kastel veca

Dr. Pavle Kastel is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist. Authority in his field, one of the founders of narcology service in Serbia. A long time he worked at the Institute of Mental Health. His knowledge and wisdom are without question recognized by doctors and patients.