Physical Healing with ibogaine

ibogaine helps with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, infertility…

bookMany people in Gabon take iboga for all manner of physical problems, especially infertility. I think this provides evidence that ibogaine helps, although we cannot know how much.
There is a lot of good evidence that ibogaine helps with chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Many people with chronic pain report an absence or major reduction in pain after a treatment, even when they took ibogaine for another issue.
It is also possible that ibogaine only helps with certain types of pain. For example, I interviewed two women who had chronic pain after a car accident. One reported a significant reduction in pain for up to a year after her session. The other person said that her physical pain did not lessen, but her emotional capacity to accept the pain increased, making her life much better.
There is one report of ibogaine helping a woman with severe multiple sclerosis (MS). Before her session, her MS was so advanced that she could barely swallow water, she could not feel her feet, she needed a catheter to urinate, and sometimes she could barely walk. After her session, which she took for opiate addiction, she discovered that her symptoms were in total remission.

Taken from book Ibogaine Explained – Peter Frank . ( )