Opiate Addiction treatment programs

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Opiate Addiction treatment programs

Opiate Addiction treatment programs

Besides just Ibogaine therapy, we have formulated several opiate addiction treatment programs:

1. Standard detoxification (5 days)

2. Prolonged detoxification (7 days)

3. Full addiction treatment (14-16 days)


Standard detoxification from opioids

(heroin, tramadol)

Providing that patient does not take more than two grams of heroin a day, it is possible to apply complex 5 day detoxification opiate addiction treatment program at our ibogaine clinic.  This program includes:

1. Diagnostics: medical examination by internist, psychiatrist, intensive care specialist, ECG, hepatitis and HIV tests, biochemical blood test and urine tests.

2. Detoxification: can be ultrafast detoxification from opioids or neurojet therapy.

3. Infusions and medication for better quality sleep and better psychological condition.

Patients also have billiards, gym, table tennis and yoga classes at their disposal.


Prolonged detoxification from opioids

(methadone, substitol, oxycontin, or combination of opioids and benzodiazepines)

This program lasts 7 days. This period is long enough to completely cope with withdrawal syndrome for patients who are used to 40-50 mg of methadone, 400-500 mg of substitol, or 100 mg of oxycontin. This opiate addiction treatment program is suitable for patients who have been taking substances continuously not longer than three years.

1. Diagnostics: medical examination by internist, psychiatrist, intensive care specialist, ECG, hepatitis and HIV tests, biochemical blood test and urine tests.

2. Two to three ultra-rapid opioid detoxification treatments with total anesthesia and neurojet therapy.

3. Infusions and medication every day with regular checks – test for presence of opioids in urine, tests with antagonists. 


Full addiction treatment

This type of treatment comprises several elements:

1. Detoxification

2. Procedures for decreasing tolerance to medications, normalization of metabolism, sleep and appetite

3. Therapy against desire for narcotics

4. Ibogaine treatment

5. Pharmacological protection using blockers antagonists (implants).

Treatment lasts 14-16 days. Based on long term statistics this opiate addiction treatment program has shown 85%-90% success in treating addiction.


Implants against narcotics

Presence of antagonists in organism makes taking narcotics impossible. Effects of heroin, methadone or oxycontin are blocked on receptor levels.  Even in case of taking narcotics their effects would not be felt. Taking large doses of opioids triggers fear of death, feeling of lack of oxygen, tachycardia and arrhythmia. Available blocker antagonists:

Naltrexone implant: 2 months 
Naltrexone implant: 3 months 
Naltrexone implant: 6 months 
Naltrexone implant: 12 months 

Free consultations are recommended to all the patients concerning pharmacotherapy for stability of condition and plan of measures against recidivism. Contact with patients lasts 12 months.

Regeneration programs

We can also provide several methods of regeneration of the body destroyed by prolonged narcotics use:

  • Auditory and Light Trainingibogaine-clinic-detoxification-bloodirradiation
  • Blood irradiation therapy
  • Electromagnetic field therapy
  • OXYVEN – Intravenous Intake of Oxygen
  • XENON Gas Treatment
  • Plasmapheresis


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