Ibogaine experience – UK patient’s experience with ibogaine

Ibogaine experience

Ibogaine experience – Patients from UK, addicted to heroin and methadone

Ibogaine experience uk patients

Ibogaine experience uk patients

Before I decided to go to ibogaine therapy was a heavy heroin user. My girlfriend was too. We used to do it together, and that was a big problem. Whenever one of us wanted to stop, the other was kind of sabotaging the whole idea. We tried to quit cold turkey ones (that was a bad idea, pain was unbearable) and failed, and ones with methadone– I failed that one. She succeeded, but became addicted to methadone, and on top of that, she was having a really hard time staying with me while I was still using. Everyone was advising her against it, but she stayed to help me. She was on the verge of relapse every day.

Ibogaine was her idea. I understood that that was probably the last chance to save our relationship and my life. We agreed that I would go first to get rid of heroin, and if I succeeded, she would follow to come off of methadone.

It was, kind of, cinematic ibogaine experience for me, but in a dream. Like seeing movie scenes with actors that were physically much different from people I knew and loved, but I knew that those actors represented them. I did not see myself, but I realized it was my life I was looking at. I think that most helpful were the feelings I had looking at my life before and after I started using heroine. It was very intense. Time was distorted; it felt much longer than it actually lasted. I was in bed for 15 hours, but it felt like 3 days. After mky ibogaine experience, I was able to walk, eat and drink a little, but my body felt much different – it felt good.

It’s her turn now, to come off of methadone, and I know she will succeed with ibogaine treatment. I think there is a bright future for us.


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