Ibogaine experience – Patient from London with heroin addiction

Ibogaine experience

Ibogaine experience – Patient from London, UK  with heroin and amphetamines problem tries ibogaine therapy

Ibogaine therapy experience patient from uk

Ibogaine therapy experience patient from uk

I was using approximately a gram of heroin a day, sometimes mixing it with amphetamines to balance out. Each day was about heroine, nothing else, because I felt very sick in the morning until my first hit. My addiction was becoming increasingly worse. It was very hard for me to decide whether to undergo this treatment or not. I was skeptical about the results and mostly worried about ibogaine treatment cost, but my wife assured me (and she was right), that even financially, life with drugs costs much more. She made that decision for me; I just went along with it.

At first, I was afraid I would feel pain, but I was wrong. I didn’t even feel lonely, I understood that this is my battle, but doctors were very kind and supporting. My Ibogaine expirience had showed me a lot about myself – good and bad, but facing my flaws, helped me focus on the good. I was processing my whole life. I saw all of my mistakes and felt the feelings associated with it and that was pretty hard to accept. I had visions of some of my old friends that I believed have deserted me, and saw that I actually pushed them away. In the end, it felt like I resolved all of my problems, like I could clearly distinguish good from bad, and it made me feel good about myself, my surroundings.

My self-esteem rose up tremendously. My friends say that I’m much nicer person now, relaxed and likable. After ibogaine treatment I think that every little thing I do, or even happens to me, makes me feel good about myself.

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