Ibogaine detox experience after cocaine and heroin addiction

Ibogaine detox experience

Ibogaine detox experience with patient from United Kingdom who was addicted to cocaine and heroin before his ibogaine therapy.
Experience with ibogaine treatment patients fro uk

Ibogaine detox experience , cocaine and heroin addict

I was using heroin and cocaine for seven years and couldn’t stop. I tried all kinds of therapies. Underwent a methadone and a twelve step program, even a boot camp, which was pretty tough. In a Twelve step program, I listened about drugs every day, which actually pushed me to take the drugs. Methadone helped a little, but it’s a medication, you have to use it every day, you cannot function without it. Let’s face it: you are still an addict. I was looking for something that would cleanse my system completely.

A friend of mine mentioned the ibogaine clinic. He said he went there with his brother for ibogaine detox and it helped both of them very much. He sent me a link to this web-site, and I was browsing through it with my parents, because they were excited about the ibogaine treatment too, when I was telling them about it. The idea that you could take this drug, this herb basically, and come out of it without any withdrawals, and not needing to take anything afterwards was very appealing. The decision was made quickly, and a week later I was at the clinic doing preliminary tests and preparing for the treatment.

After taking ibogaine I went through this dream-wake state of mind. I had visions, memories of my past life, lights were throbbing, and I could, kind of, see ibogaine going through my body, cleansing it physically and mentally. After five or six hours my stomach got upset and I vomited a few times, but the medical staff assured me it was ok, so I didn’t have any fear.

Today, after this treatment, I have no cravings. Food tastes good again, colors are more vivid, and I’m sleeping very well. Every day I feel better than yesterday –I think I haven’t felt this good in ten years.

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