Ibogaine dangers – Risks of ibogaine treatment

Ibogaine dangers – Risks of ibogaine treatment

Ibogaine dangers

Ibogaine dangers are real, and serious. Ibogaine therapy can only be conducted safely in a controled enviroment.

Violent reactions to ibogaine are rear but existent. Typical side effects include: nausea, dizziness, shaking, increased sensitivity to ibogaine dangerslight, partial loss of control of bodily movement, buzzing noise in the ears etc. Only a medical expert can calculate an exact safe dosage of ibogaine HCL needed for the treatment. Our staff will carefully plan Ibogaine treatment and calculate the right dose of Ibogane for each patient to get the  maximum therapeutic effect and minimize unpleasant side effects

Constant cardiac monitoring by a medical proffesional during Ibogaine treatment is required.

Dr Vorobiev Ibogaine clinic is the only one in Europe that has the staff (experienced medical experts) and technology (modern medical equipment) for a safe and successful ibogaine therapy.

ibogaine dangers