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"It made me feel like I accomplished something really important. Three days later, I had no physical sickness, and everything seemed different about my life. I could smell and taste again, I could see things clearly, and it felt really emotional. I was actually in tears because everything seemed so beautiful, it was almost as I was born again"

Ibogaine treatment

Today, the use of ibogaine is acknowledged as an effective alternative approach in drug addiction therapy.


Ibogaine Clinic Europe

Our Clinic is a modern medical centar for adiction treatment specialized in Ibogain therapy.


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Unique medical team at Dr Vorobiev addiction centar treats both physical & psychological dependence


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Ibogain session for alcohol addict

Posted by admin on Feb 2, 2015

I am 45 year old alcoholic. I’ve been drinking for 15 years, and over that time I did a lot of bad things I regret. I hurt my parents, I managed to destroy my marriage, passed out on the streets, remembering only some people picking me up and taking me to hospital. The worst thing was a car accident that was entirely my fault. It was the worst thing for me since I’ve put other person’s life in danger. Three weeks ago I made a decision to stop with alcohol. I haven’t been drinking since, but I wanted somehow to seal my decision. That’s when I found on the internet about Ibogaine session. I read that it can help me clear my mind, work out issues that I have, and completely erase idea about the alcohol. I scheduled my appointment at the clinic that provides Ibogaine session.  On my first day at the clinic, psychologist did tests on me, asking me about my life, and experiences with alcohol. Then, he explained to me how the session works, when it starts, how it looks like, what to expect, and how long it lasts. I was also given the book about Ibogaine that had more details about it. I was excited and I couldn’t wait for tomorrow’s session. I wasn’t concerned at all. I slept well. Tomorrow morning, I wasn’t allowed to have breakfast. I was given infusion instead. After that, I was transferred into a room where my session was going to take place. It was a roomed with dimed light. That is because my eyes would become sensitive to...

Ibogaine treatment stages

Ibogaine treatment stages

Posted by admin on May 30, 2014

Lasting only five days, ibogaine treatment is one of the quickest ways of treating opiate addiction. Patient has to be clean from narcotics and without symptoms of withdrawal. Patient undergoes 7 stages of Ibogaine therapy.    ...

Ibogaine dangers – Risks of ibogaine treatment

Ibogaine dangers – Risks of ibogaine treatment

Posted by admin on May 27, 2014

Ibogaine dangers Ibogaine dangers are real, and serious. Ibogaine therapy can only be conducted safely in a controled enviroment. Violent reactions to ibogaine are rear but existent. Typical side effects include: nausea, dizziness, shaking, increased sensitivity to light, partial loss of control of bodily movement, buzzing noise in the ears etc. Only a medical expert can calculate an exact safe dosage of ibogaine HCL needed for the treatment. Our staff will carefully plan Ibogaine treatment and calculate the right dose of Ibogane for each patient to get the  maximum therapeutic effect and minimize unpleasant side effects Constant cardiac monitoring by a medical proffesional during Ibogaine treatment is required. Dr Vorobiev Ibogaine clinic is the only one in Europe that has the staff (experienced medical experts) and technology (modern medical equipment) for a safe and successful ibogaine therapy....


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